2023 NYMSL Playoffs Match-Ups

The 2023 regular season has concluded with Chartbeat (7-1) on top, followed by Wall St. Journal (6-4), BuzzFeed (6-4), High Times (4-4), Forbes (3-7) and Euromoney/Institutional Investor (2-8). The top four teams make the New York Media Softball League playoffs, which will take place on September 9 in Central Park's Great Lawn from 2-5 pm. WSJ won the tiebreaker with BF.

Here are the seminfinals match-ups:

High Times (4) vs. Chartbeat (1) - Field 1

BuzzFeed (3) vs. Wall St. Journal (2)  - Field 5

The winners will play in the championship game on Field 1. The consolation game will take place on Field 5.

Chartbeat is the reigning champions, having defeated BuzzFeed and High Times in the 2022 playoffs.

This is the league's 16th playoffs since being founded in 2007.

The previous NYMSL champions are:

2022: Chartbeat
2021: BuzzFeed
2019: BuzzFeed
2018: High Times
2017: High Times
2016: Wall St. Journal
2015: Wall St. Journal
2014: High Times
2013: Institutional Investor
2012: Wall St. Journal
2011: Wall St. Journal
2010: Wall St. Journal
2009: Wall St. Journal
2008: BusinessWeek
2007: High Times

The NYMSL is sponsored by Cornbread Hemp.