High Times Wins 2014 NYMSL Championship

For High Times, the fourth time was a charm as they finally defeated Wall St. Journal after three tries in the New York Media Softball Leaguechampionship game, 11-5, held on Sept. 13 in Central Park's Great Lawn.

It was a classic High Times-Wall St. Journal battle. WSJ built a 2-0 lead, but fell behind 3-2 and 5-2 going into the final frame. They gamely fought back and tied the score with two outs.

The teams took 13 inning to resolve the 2012 title match (WSJ won that one 7-5). This time, HT knocked in a pair of runs in the 9th and then their rightfielder socked a three-run home run. When WSJ went silent in the final frame, the Bonghitters celebration began with the singing of their theme song, "Ol' Bong Game" (sung the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame").

The tournament kicked off at 10 am with the semifinal contests. WSJ walloped DC Comics 22-5 and HT pulled away from Forbes with eight runs in the last three innings for a 9-1 win. (FB beat DC 10-5 in the consolation game.) The stage was set for yet another HT-WSJ showdown.

Last year HT shut out WSJ before losing the final to newcomer Institutional Investor. The prior three years WSJ dispatched HT. Until this year, HT's only title came in 2007, the league's first.

It's High Times' 40th anniversary in 2014. Now they can also brag that the Bonghitters are the best team in New York media softball.