Rules & Regulations

1. All games are umpired. The two teams split the umpire's fee ($60 per game).

2. If there is no umpire, the game will be played on an honor basis. Each batter will have two swings. Catchers will make fair/foul calls. Base coaches will make safe/out calls. The commissioner is allowed to umpire games if necessary.

3. Games last 7 innings, unless they go into extra innings.

4. Due to rain, any other weather or field condition, or darkness, games will be official after 3.5 innings if the home team is winning and after 4 innings if the game is tied or the home team is losing. Postponed games will be replayed from the beginning of the game at a later date.

5. The pitching style is standard arc, or modified. High arc or windmill pitches are not allowed. Umpires should be informed before games about our rule: a pitch without an arc (flat) should be called a ball. The pitch must have a "hump."

6. The strike zone is shoulders to knees.

7. Each team is required to provide one new Clincher game ball per game.

8. Clinchers are the only balls used. Hard softballs (with stitching) are not allowed.

9. The home team is required to provide bases.

10. No more than 10 players can be in the field at one time.

11. Platooning is allowed.

12. League play is co-ed. Two women are required to be in the lineup and on the field at all times. If a team has only one woman, the team will forfeit one out each time through the lineup in the 11th slot in the batting order and can only field nine players. If a team has no women, the team will forfeit the game.

13. The lineup should be no more than 10 men and at least two women, with one DH. Teams are encouraged to match each others' lineups. The accepted ratios are: 2 women to 9 or 10 men.

14. The 12th position in the line-up can be used for a non-hitter (i.e, designated fielder, or DF). This must be discussed before the game begins. In the case of injuries, this should be discussed at the time of the injury. A player can move from a batting slot to the DF slot during the game.

15. A pinch runner can be used only in extenuating circumstances, such as an injury or age. The pinch runner must be the last batter to make an out.

16. Outfielders cannot creep in when female players are batting. This is defined as staying 20 to 25 feet from the infield.

17. Teams are not allowed to bat more than six male players consecutively.

18. Runners can only lead once the pitch has crossed the plate or upon the batter's swing.

19. Bunting is not allowed.

20. Each team will play the other teams twice during the regular season, one time each on their respective home fields.

21. A playoff competition between the top four teams takes place on the first or second Saturday or Sunday in September, weather permitting.

22. Tiebreakers, such as head-to-head competition and run differentials, will determine the final standings and playoff seedings, if necessary

23. Home advantage in the semifinals is determined by top seedings. Home advantage in the championship game is determined by best regular season record.

24. In order to qualify for the playoffs, a player must play at least three games during the regular season.

25. Teams are required to send rosters to the commissioner by Aug. 1.